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Saint Cayetano, Patron Saint of Gamblers | Las Vegas Advisor Question of the Day - 07 August 2017. The recognized Patron Saint of Gamblers is Saint Cayetano or Cajetan. Saint Cayetano was born to well-to-do parents in Vicenza, Italy, in 1480 and was inspired to a life of piety by his mother. He studied law and worked as a diplomat for Pope Julius II, with whom he helped reconcile the Venetian Republic. Who is the patron saint of gambling - Saint Cajetan (Cayetano in Spanish) is the patron Saint of Gamblers as well as the unemployed, job-seekers, workers and is invoked in prosperity, at work, and in good fortune. Saint Bernardino of Sienna - CATHOLIC SAINTS

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The patron saint of gambling, gamblers, and gambling addictions is Saint Bernadine of Siena ( St. Bernadino).This is a list of patron saints of occupations and activities or of groups of people with a ... Aloysius Gonzaga – Catholic ... gamblers, odd lot dealers ...

St. Jude, the Patron Saint of ...Substance ... - The problem is not the use and abuse of substances. Those activities have been a part of most cultures worldwide for millennia. It is the more modern belief system characterized by the idea that these habits cannot be broken once they are created; that separates today's view from that of even a century ago where choice and consequences were the prevailing thoughts on alcohol and drug consumption.

Daily Bible Quotes » CATHOLIC SAINTS. List of Patron Saints. Accountants: Matthew Actors: Genesius Advertisers: Bemardine of Siena Aimqenst.Stephen (Revered as the first martyr, and the most famous deacon in the early Christian Church) Patronage: bricklayers; deacons; stonemasons...

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