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Get an overview and use case for deployment slots for your Azure web app. Learn how to deploy and configure a deployment slot in the demonstration. Considerations on using Deployment Slots in your DevOps ... The goal of DevOps is to continuously deliver value. Using deployment slots can allow you to do this with zero downtime. In the Azure Portal, in the Azure App Service resource blade for your Web App, you can add a deployment slot by navigating to “Deployment slots,” adding a slot, Manage Azure App Service Deployments with Deployment Slots ... Every App Service resource in Azure has the ability to have multiple deployment slots configure. These deployments slots are a feature than can greatly help with the implementation of streamlined testing, staging, and deployment process. Along with the ability to configure multiple hosting ... Deployment Slots In Azure Web Apps - Part One

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Azure Web Apps (Websites) Deployment Slots - Blog.Amit Apple A deployment slot is a full Azure Web App and as one it has all the same configurations as any Azure Web App. When you swap deployment slots there are some settings you actually need to keep with the slot and not swap them.

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May 5, 2017 ... Gain the intermediate-level skills you need to deploy, configure, and manage Microsoft Azure Web Apps. This course can also help you ... Azure Web Apps Deep Dive - OmahaMTG Jun 23, 2017 ... The talk will cover overview of Azure App Service and Azure Web Apps. The ... Continuous Deployment, Application Insights, Deployment Slots, ...

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Microsoft Azure provides a cool deployment feature "Azure Deployment Slots". Think of this feature as card layers of a web app, where we swap them until our application moves to the Final Production.Using this "Deployment Slots" feature, we save a lot of time and make and run Unit Tests easier before final product delivery. Manage Azure App Service Deployments with Deployment Slots ... Creating Deployment Slots. Deployment slots are a feature of Azure App Service Plans. As a result, every App Service resource (Web App, Web API, Mobile App) in Microsoft Azure has the ability to create up to 4 additional deployment slots with the Standard tiers, and up to 20 deployment slots with the Premium tiers.